With everything else in your home automated through your Smart Home system, why not automate your window treatments, too?

Motorization is where convenience meets luxury, allowing you to control your window treatments with ease. Motorized window treatments are the ideal solution for the tall windows often found in lake homes, providing the option to open to enjoy the beautiful view or close for privacy - at the push of a button.

What window treatments can be motorized?

The short answer is, everything! Blinds, shades, and shutters are all popular lake home window treatments that can be motorized, as well as tied in to your home automation - opening and closing them on a set schedule.

We also motorize custom soft treatments like drapery panels, Roman shades, and woven wood shades, which can be used alone or layered with other treatments.

You may think that motorization isn’t an option if your home wasn’t built with electrical run for hardwired motorized solutions. This couldn’t be further from the truth, as there are many other options available, including battery operated and plug in powered window treatments.